Get Your Package Creation Worksheet!

What You'll Learn...

I'm so excited to share my Package Creation Worksheet with you so you can create clear and concise packages that meet your financial needs and your client's needs too!

This Package Creation Worksheet is going to cover...


Setting monthly income goals and the steps you can take to achieve them so you can have financial freedom


What to consider when creating your coaching packages so you can provide 1st class service and create an endless stream of referrals


How to charge what you’re worth and grow your confidence to charge more in the future


Jenn Malecha

Using over a decade of business and project management experience along with training in Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® and Transformational Coaching, Jenn guides business-oriented FDNs on setting up solutions to create multiple six-figure practices that allow them to heal hundreds of people while working less and taking better care of themselves.

What People Are Saying



"Absolute, hands down a no brainer! It's literally worth every single penny, in fact, I'd pay double. No joke. Jenn has put together such a top-notch program to launch my business that I will forever be grateful for. It's genius!”



“Before participating in the Business Essentials program, I was lost in the ether of how best to offer my services and structure my packages. Jenn taught me a consolidated approach to best serve my clients in and outside of coaching sessions. The level of support offered by Jenn and the rest of her coaching students has given me the confidence to be firm in my business and the specificity of content and practical exercises have made the difference”



“The most useful aspect of this course for me was nailing down who I work with and why. Followed closely by how I organized my practice. Once I was set with my offers and my automation, I was free to spend more time connecting, and little did I know, it helped me overcome the fear of not having enough time to serve more people.”



“I really appreciated learning about how to market packages instead of just single labs every time and how to structure your coaching sessions along with each package. I feel like I have a good grasp on the business side of things and how to sign someone up to work with me from a complimentary discovery session.”

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